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Im one of the Hottest, Crazziest, Fun Loving Girls from the BX..Im a Girly Girl who loves to look fly, be around positive people and have a good time. Im down to earth eventhough Im kinda saddidy sometimes. I can be ghetto but I have class and Im such a LADY.. I try to stay true and keep a good head on my shoulders..WHAT MORE CAN I SAY BUT GET TO KNOW ME.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Me...

Like what I see..

See in Me..

As each day goes by..Im content in My Skin

Content because as I Change, I become better than the Girl I used to Be..

I just Smile to Myself

Nowadays people look at me strange

Like "Why is she so Happy??"

"What's got in her Brain??"

Nevermind what the Haters and Non Believers See

They don't see Me..

They See the Outter Shell

The Charm, The Swagg, The Make-Up

But Don't Make me Over

Your not worthy to Look Inside

Sunshine has come Over Me

Can't Rain on My Parade..

Letting go of What I Can't Control

Control My Own



Just Me.........

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