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Im one of the Hottest, Crazziest, Fun Loving Girls from the BX..Im a Girly Girl who loves to look fly, be around positive people and have a good time. Im down to earth eventhough Im kinda saddidy sometimes. I can be ghetto but I have class and Im such a LADY.. I try to stay true and keep a good head on my shoulders..WHAT MORE CAN I SAY BUT GET TO KNOW ME.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Me...

Like what I see..

See in Me..

As each day goes by..Im content in My Skin

Content because as I Change, I become better than the Girl I used to Be..

I just Smile to Myself

Nowadays people look at me strange

Like "Why is she so Happy??"

"What's got in her Brain??"

Nevermind what the Haters and Non Believers See

They don't see Me..

They See the Outter Shell

The Charm, The Swagg, The Make-Up

But Don't Make me Over

Your not worthy to Look Inside

Sunshine has come Over Me

Can't Rain on My Parade..

Letting go of What I Can't Control

Control My Own



Just Me.........

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Soooo Close..Sooo Far"

Wanna touch your Soul with "Words from the Heart"

Let me in Dear..

Im knocking..Let Me In..

Answer the Door before its 2 Late

Not saying I'm going to Leave

I will never Leave you Lonely

Not Writing Another Love Song

Just stating Straight Facts

That we were destined for Certain Things

You may have met your Match

Time will show you that I'm for REAL

I know you FEEL Me or you would'nt even pay attention

You don't wanna LOSE this Woman's WORTH

Dudes ENVY and WISH they could have what I feel sometimes you take for GRANTED

Makes Me feel LONELY...UPSET and NEGLECTED..

Wonders why I Second Guess

Your Actions are So Far

The Words You Never Say

I'm Reaching Out but I will Only meet you HALF way

50/50 is what its about

Love to Love You baby

But this Love Deserves EVERYTHING AND MORE...

This Woman won't SETTLE for LESS

That's why its all about YOU


Words from the Heart


"What about Your Friends"

Its hard to come around people who complete you just because

Just because you are My Friends...

My friends are the people who are chosen to be there

They got to be there..They need to be there..

Its hard nowadays to have friends that are true

Just down for you

I been through alot but only a few I can name that are true

I took out the time, plus I made it rhyme to let ya know that I love you, I do

As years go by

May we celebrate our success

Mourn our loses

Be there only one Call or Bbm away

What about Your Friends they ask

I tell them what about them you wanna kno...

Words from the Heart


Monday, March 9, 2009

"The Ultimate Voice Showcase"

As you may know..I am a SuperStar in the Making (having a Kanye moment sorry) I am an aspiring Singer..So I was Chosen to be in Ankh Ra "Vocal Coach from MTV's Making the Band 4" Showcase. The HighLight of my Year so Far. It was a wonderful experience to be with individuals who understand and know the passion in your heart because we all share the same dream..the same desire..the same drive..TO SING!! Of course to show my talents..my heart...my soul to the world well the audience right now..LOL

Let me tell you..Ankh Ra is the Man..He just does not know how he impact my life and everyone other artist he works with. His tactics and practices are just crazy..Words can't describe the talent he can bring out of anyone. I'm a true believer in destiny and people are attracted in your life for a reason. He was bought into My Life and there is no explanation to how he has changed my Life. The way I think and the way I feel about my Music about my Life. He gave me that push I needed to get myself out there and go for my dreams. I felt at one point if I couldn't express myself musically I would be forever lost and incomplete. I feel we all have purpose in this Life and mines is definitely Music..I'm finding my way in my music and this journey would not have started the way I would of wanted without Ankh Ra guidance. I cant wait to work with him again..I don't mind working the overtime to afford it because he is worth every penny and dollar he gets. (Note..I'm writing this @ work) LOL

I encourage anyone who feels they need development in there music career..Google Ankh Ra..He is the Man for the job..(I'm not getting paid to say this..LOL)
Any dream or desire you have I beg of you to go for it..Life is to short to just daydream about what you could be..Please just stop daydreaming and go for your Dream. Make them reality..Live it..Become it..Just do it..Ok Now I sound like a Nike Commercial...I'm going to stop now
But before I go..I would like to thank the people who always support me in my dreams and the people who just started believing..I love you all and you are placed somewhere special in my heart forever...

Words from the Heart
Damo aka Dominique "D Renee" Swain ( I had to throw in the stage name this time)

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Woman Like Me"

Loves to glamorize anything she involved in...

So complex that some people get her and most just give up

Then so simple she mostly goes with the flow and always down

Its hard loving a Woman Like Me

Even her Mommy agrees

She loves attention, but it depends from who..

Constantly changing her style..her ways but never change the person she is..

She may seem vein, but her looks are only outer beauty

Deep down is a beautiful soul that only few get the opportunity to see.

Damn, its hard being a Woman Like Me

Could be a trophy wife..or desperate housewife but she chose 2 find true love that's unconditional..

That's hard to obtain even if your not a Woman Like Me..

Many dreams and goals she will accomplish..

Just love people to be down for the ride

Sometimes she get frustrated with herself like why can't she be normal..want the regular things

Then she remember who she is..

She doesn't think normal so how can she settle for less

Want for people to love her for her

Not what they want her to be

To trust her because her intentions are well..

Wants to upgrade everyone in her life

Her decisions are not wise sometimes

Learns the hard way, but justifies each action with heart

A Woman Like Me is far from perfect Has all the flaws you can imagine

But what's unique about A Woman Like Me...

She's true to Dominique..

Words from the Heart Damo

"You Control Your Happiness"

I went to NC (North Carolina) this past weekend to my cuz baby shower and basically get a break from the hustle of NY..Lately I haven't really had a lot of time to dwell on myself and the simple things in life..So as I travel on the greyhound for 16 hrs to my destination I had a time to reflect on myself and what's going on in Damo's World and of course get much rest as possible..To make a long story short I realized I'm truly blessed and happy. Yes we let the little things overcome the fortunes we are blessed with and the opportunities that come about..It made me dwell on the things I can control and I found out all the things that I need are right here, I just haven't been using the tools and blueprint I was given correctly..Once I arrived in NC my fam and I went to dinner that nite (Chinese restaurant) and I always read my fortune cookies..I always pick the one that pointing in my direction and this is what it said "Traveling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness". I mean what more can I say on that matter. At my moms house I was going thru her magazines so I could have some reading material on my way back home on the Amtrak I came across "Essence" magazine with Gabrielle Union on it looking fierce with her new hair cut..(I recently cut my hair also) so I became instantly interested..As I looked through the magazine I came across this article named "the pursuit of happiness" let me tell you this blew me away..please if u can find this issue please do so "July 2008" issue. Basically its a article about YOUR HAPPINESS and fulfill your life and dreams. There is a quiz to test your happiness and then u access ur score n evaluate what's the changes n advice to keep you happy. I loved 2 parts of this article one is "The Seven Habits of Happy People" 1. Hang out with joyous people 2. Move consistently toward your goals 3. Meditate on your blessings 4. Be good to yourself 5. Connect..Connect..Connect.. 6. Go to Church-any Church 7.Give and Forgive and "Find Your Bliss" which a fill-in sheet that you write down about a more-than ordinary day..u make copies of this paper and every time u have a peak experience u write about it..this is something that I will practice and I suggest everyone should. To remind us of those happy moments in our lives. We are so quick to talk about the negative things that we simply forget about what's important in life..OUR HAPPINESS..As I conclude this blog that turned into a article itself I leave you with a few quotes from this issue...

"Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get, you've got to make yourself" -Alice Walker"

If you are unhappy with anything, whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creatively, your true self, comes out"

-Tina Turner

Words from the Heart


Monday, January 19, 2009

This Used to Hurt....

Can't believe that I can still talk to you knowing that it hurts that you could want something that was apart of me..
I wanna believe that you are my friend but I have my doubts because I could never do that to you..
I'm not fully right in this ordeal but my feelings for him were real
Its like he turned from me and right to you..you just excepted it like it was meant to be
Wanna tell you that its just not right..but then I look like I'm selfish and just being jealous
There no need to hate..
I cared, I miss the times we had
Can't believe I hurt you so much that you felt you had to jump to the one that was the closest..
I'm being the bigger person in this..
Its gets harder somedays
As each day goes by it gets better to except
I know what's meant to be
Can't believe that this happened to me
Things happen for a reason
So I'm living It..Leaving it to Change..

This Used to Hurt
Words from the Heart